Perfume List

1920Italian Toilet WaterDiscontinued, date unknown
1920Mon ParfumDiscontinued, date unknown
1920Sweet PeaDiscontinued, date unknown
1920Ultra Bruyere Discontinued, date unknown
1920Un Goutte de Vie Discontinued, date unknown
1920Un Peu de BonheurDiscontinued, date unknown
1920American Beauty RoseDiscontinued, date unknown
1920LilaDiscontinued, date unknown
1920LilacDiscontinued, date unknown
1920PoppyeDiscontinued, date unknown
1920RoseDiscontinued, date unknown
1920Russian VioletDiscontinued, date unknown
1920Italian LilacDiscontinued, date unknown
1920Sillage de FranceDiscontinued, date unknown
1920Violet EssenceDiscontinued, date unknownStill being sold in 1947
1922Arden JasminDiscontinued, date unknown
1922Arden RoseDiscontinued, date unknown
1925VelvaDiscontinued, date unknown
1925NovenaDiscontinued, date unknown
1927Mon Amie d'ElizabethDiscontinued, date unknown
1928Rose Perfume OilDiscontinued, date unknown
1928Cupid's Breath Discontinued, date unknownStill being sold in 1963
1928Le Jardin d'ElizabethDiscontinued, date unknown
1928La Joie d'ElizabethDiscontinued, date unknownStill being sold into the 1930s
1928L'Amour d'ElizabethDiscontinued, date unknownStill sold in 1940
1928Le Reve d'ElizabethDiscontinued, date unknownStill being sold in the 1940s
1928L'Elan d'ElizabethDiscontinued, date unknownStill being sold in 1934
1928L'Etoile d'ElizabethDiscontinued, date unknown
1929Le Bouquet d'ElizabethDiscontinued, date unknown
1929TemptationDiscontinued, date unknown
1930ValenciaDiscontinued, date unknown
1930Night & DayDiscontinued, date unknownStill being sold in 1949
1931AmbréDiscontinued, date unknownStill being sold in 1937
1931SandalwoodDiscontinued, date unknown
1931Rose GeraniumDiscontinued, date unknown
1931Russian PineDiscontinued, date unknown
1932Ma RueDiscontinued, date unknown
1932Tube Rose d'ElizabethDiscontinued, date unknown
1932Moon MossDiscontinued, date unknown
1934Blue Grass
1935CorsageDiscontinued, date unknown
1936CarnivalDiscontinued, date unknown
1936Eau de NileDiscontinued, date unknown
1937For HerDiscontinued, date unknownmay be a presentation
1937Orange BlossomDiscontinued, date unknown
1937GardeniaDiscontinued, date unknown
1937On Ditput on hold from production during the war relaunched in 1945
1937EnglishDiscontinued, date unknown
1937CyclamenDiscontinued, date unknown
1937CarnationDiscontinued, date unknown
1937Gone With The WindDiscontinued, date unknownmay be a presentation
1937Nothing SacredDiscontinued, date unknownmay be a presentation
1938Miss JezebelDiscontinued, date unknownmay be a presentation
1938Prince's FeatherDiscontinued, date unknownmay be a presentation
1938Black Lace Discontinued, date unknownmay be a presentation
1938CroisiereDiscontinued, date unknownmay be a presentation
1939It's YouDiscontinued, date unknownStill being sold in 1960
1939Mille FleursDiscontinued, date unknownStill being sold in 1951
1939Jack Horner Discontinued, date unknownperfume presentation
1940Parfums par NoelDiscontinued, date unknownperfume presentation
1940MountieDiscontinued, date unknownperfume presentation
1940SnowdriftDiscontinued, date unknownperfume presentation
1940Bugle CallDiscontinued, date unknownperfume presentation
1940HatpinDiscontinued, date unknownperfume presentation
1940IllusionDiscontinued, date unknown
1940Parfum 450Discontinued, date unknownStill being sold in 1963.
1940White OrchidDiscontinued, date unknown
1940Brides PerfumeDiscontinued, date unknownmay be a presentation
1941Lady in BlackDiscontinued, date unknown
1941Thousand Flowers (Mille Fleurs)Discontinued, date unknown
1942Black OutDiscontinued, date unknownmay be a presentation
1942Ladies and GentlemenDiscontinued, date unknownmay be a presentation
1942Blithe SpiritDiscontinued, date unknownmay be a presentation
1945Carnival Discontinued, date unknownmay be a presentation
1945White ShouldersDiscontinued, date unknownmay be a presentation
1945Winged VictoryDiscontinued, date unknownmay be a presentation
1945On DitDiscontinued, date unknownrelaunched
1945ProfileDiscontinued, date unknown
1947Eau de NileDiscontinued, date unknownrelaunched
1948Eau de FranceDiscontinued, date unknown
1948Mon AmourDiscontinued, date unknown
1949June GeraniumDiscontinued, date unknownrelaunched
1949June GardeniaDiscontinued, date unknown
1949My LoveDiscontinued, date unknownStill being sold around 1970
1949Box OfficeDiscontinued, date unknownmay be a presentation
1949Mémoire ChérieDiscontinued, date unknown
1951SurpriseDiscontinued, date unknownmay be a presentation
1952Glitter BallDiscontinued, date unknownmay be a presentation
1953Younger Set Discontinued, date unknownmay be a presentation
1956Arden for Men CitruswoodDiscontinued, date unknown
1956Arden for Men Eau de Cologne TraditionDiscontinued, date unknown
1956Arden for Men SandalwoodDiscontinued, date unknown
1956Arden for Men No. 450 Eau de ToiletteDiscontinued, date unknown
1965Arden for MenDiscontinued, date unknownStill being sold in 1974
1974Eau FraîcheDiscontinued, date unknown
1974Memoire CherieDiscontinued, date unknownreorchestrated
1977CabrioleDiscontinued, date unknown
1986Eau FraîcheDiscontinued, date unknownreorchestrated
1989Red Door
1989Blue Grassreorchestrated
1994True LoveDiscontinued in 1999
1995Lady in Yellow
19965th Avenue
1999Green Tea
2001Spiced Green Tea
2002Iced Green Tea
2002Arden Beauty
2003Red Door Revealed
2004Provocative Woman
2004Green Tea Scent
2005After Five 5th Avenue
2005Green Tea Summer
2006Green Tea Revitalize
2006Provocative Interlude
2006Green Tea Intense
2006Red Door Velvet
2006Daytona 500
2007Green Tea Tropical
2008Mediterranean Breeze
20085th Avenue Nights
2008Red Door Shimmer
2008Green Tea Lotus
2009Green Tea Exotic
20095th Avenue Style
2009Pretty Parrfum - Limited Edition Spray
2010Pretty Eau de Cologne
20105th Avenue Gold
2010Green Tea Lavender
2011Green Tea Camellia
2011Pretty Hot
2011Red Door Limited Edition
2012Green Tea Cherry Blossom
2012Red Door Aura
2012Sunflowers Dream Petals
2013Green Tea Honeysuckle
20135th Avenue NYC - Limited Edition

The Chicagoan, 1931:
"There is one gift that no woman has ever refused: Beauty. It is not a gift of a day, nor of a season. Beauty is forever cherished. -* There is one woman whose name is known the world over. Elizabeth Arden has made Woman more beautiful. Her life's work can be found within the bottles, jars and packages which bear her name. To give one of these is to give beauty. It is the beautiful gesture. Arden's luxuries for the bath... The two lovely glass jars contain Powdered Bath Salts scented with Ambre, Allamanda, Jasmine, Rose Geranium or Russian Pine. $5 the jar. For the first time Elizabeth Arden's Venetian Dusting Powder is shown in its new rose-colored glazed box. Rose geranium scented. $5. Three large cakes of delicately fragrant Elizabeth Arden Soap, in a box that will make a charming jewel case afterwards, are a fascinating gift. Jasmine, Allamanda or Ambre scented. $3 for three cakes.  ELIZABETH ARDEN'S FAMOUS FIVE FRAGRANCES... L' Amour, Le Reve, Mon Amie, La Joie and L'Elan... express the emotions in perfumes that are incomparably delightful. In many sizes, priced from $15 to $125. The twin box contains a combination of any two of the Five Fragrances. $6. TREASURETTE...all the essentials of an Elizabeth Arden treatment in a small leather case.$16, $18. Miss Arden's Beauty Boxes, created to maintain loveliness wherever you are... wherever you go... come in a wide diversity of sizes, fittings and preparations, and range in price from $3.85 to $135.  Elizabeth Arden's make-up accessories. ..never was there a more timely gift! For Miss Arden has proved that, with the proper make-up, any woman can wear any color. The Arden Lipstick Ensemble, containing six smooth, indelible lipsticks in six smart shades, is the sensation of the year. The Ensemble, $7.50. Each lipstick, $1.50. Poudre d'Illusion, in seven becoming shades, is $3 the box. The Ardenette, in black and silver, is $4 for the single compact and $5 for the double. Elizabeth Arden's Preparations are on sale at the smart shops everywhere."

The perfume Le Reve d'Elizabeth was meant for applying to furs to hide their natural wild and gamey smell.

Elizabeth Arden was also the importer of the ultra exclusive French Babani perfumes.

 "Babani Perfumes introduced in America by Elizabeth Arden and chosen by her to accompany her Venetian Toilet Preparations everywhere. The famous Babani perfumes of Elizabeth Arden each in itself a masterpiece of fragrance, can be blended to create a new per fume- of intangible delice - of elusive loveliness - unique - your own! The Toiletries Department will be helpful as to the requisite proportions for your blend."

  • Ambre de Delhi: mystery, enchantment
  • Ming: elfin, playful sweetness
  • Ligeia: romantic, luxurious
  • Afghani: colorful, riotous, untamed
  • Jasmin de Coree: provocative, a challenge

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