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Ardena Cosmetics

1912-1930s Ardena Venetian Beauty Requisites
In 1912 Arden traveled to France to learn beauty and facial massage techniques used in the Paris beauty salons. She returned with a collection of rouges and tinted powders she had created. In an era when it was generally only acceptable for entertainers to wear makeup, Arden introduced modern eye makeup to North America. She also introduced the concept of the "makeover" in her salons.

Arden collaborated with A. Fabian Swanson, a chemist, to create a "fluffy" light whipped cream-like skin cream. The success of the cream, Venetian Cream Amoretta, and corresponding lotion, Arden Skin Tonic, led to a long-lasting business relationship. Elizabeth Arden's Venetian line of cosmetics along with her velvety Cream Amoretta--in her signature chic bottling--were being sold in department stores all over the country.

Elizabeth Arden cleansing box, including "Venetian'' cream, circa 1915 Photo: Elizabeth Arden Archives

The products in the Venetian range included:
  • Venetian Cleansing Cream- keeps the skin smooth and supple, and dislodges impurities.
  • Venetian Crème Mystique- conceals redness, blemishes, and the shine on the nose.
  • Venetian Ardena Skin Tonic- used for toning, whitening, and firming the skin.
  • Venetian Acne Lotion- antiseptic and healing, frees the skin from pimples.
  • Venetian Cleansing Tissues- softest, silky quality, unusually absorbent
  • Venetian Special Bleach Cream- diminishes sunburn, freckles and skin chafings.
  • Venetian Orange Skin Food- for nourishing the skin, prevents wrinkles and flabbiness, and is extremely for thin and gaining features
  • Venetian Amoretta Cream - gives a fragrant and attractive bloom to the skin.
  • Venetian Ultra Amoretta Cream - has an additional oil for very dry skins.
  • Venetian Velva Cream - for fill faces, nourishes without fattening.
  • Crème de France - a protective cream for use after exposure to the sun.
  • Venetian Muscle Oil - removes lines and wrinkles.
  • Venetian Lille Lotion- protects the complexion, and prevents sunburns and freckles.
  • Venetian Anti-Wrinkle Cream- for afternoon treatment and the quick removal of lines of fatigue.
  • Venetian Special Astringent - tightens loose, flabby tissues and restores the contour.
  • Venetian Flower Powder - in subtle tints, for every shade of complexion.
  • Poudre d’Illusion - made for ladies who design super quality, a peach like blend.
  • Ardena Venetian Patter- quickens the life and loveliness of the complexion.
  • Venetian Rose Colour - a liquid rouge , accentuating the natural color.
  • Venetian Ardena Masque- especially beneficial for sallow or erupted skins.
  • Venetian Beauty Sachets - for drawing blackheads to the surface, allowing of their easy and unbruising removal.
  • Venetian Rouge Amoretta- effective for the evening when a bright vivacity is desired.
  • Venetian Lip Paste- two shades, for the blonde and the brunette.
  • Venetian Pore Skin - closes distended pores and refines the coarsest skin. 
  • Venetian Arden Lip Stick - heals and softens the lips. In gilt case, light and dark tints.
  • Venetian Special Eye Cream- eradicates lines that come from strain an fatigue.
  • Venetian Puffy Eye Strap - for hollow, wrinkles or weary eye effects.
  • Venetian Special Eye Lotion- eases and strengthens tired, aching eyes.
  • Venetian Eyelash Grower- induces a pleasing, luxuriant growth.
  • Venetian Eyebrow Pencil- accentuates beauty, in black, blue and browns.
  • Venetian Eye Sha-do - enhances the color and depth of the eyes.
  • Venetian Chin Strap De Luxe prevents the drawn and sagging looks.
  • Venetian Hand Cream - smooth, fragrant and healing, prevents redness.
  • English Nail Paste - an exquisite cream, imparting a lasting polish.
  • French Nail Polish - in liquid form, gives a smooth, pink luster. 
  • Lemonies - a skin soap containing the whitening or bleaching properties of the lemon. Has a refreshing perfume, fragrant to the last wafer, admirable for the bath.
  • Venetian Rose Bath Salts- rose colored and rose perfumed, exhilarates the skin.
  • Venetian Russian Pine Bath Salts- good for rheumatism and muscular strain.
  • Venetian Nirvana Bath Salts - adds a delicious sense of pleasure to the tonic effects of the bath.
  • Double O-Boy Compact - in round gold case, thin as a wafer, contains rouge, powder, mirror and two puffs..
  • Single O-Boy Compact- contains only powder or rouge, and refills with fresh puffs.
  • Venetian Ardena Hair Tonic- prevents dandruff, falling hair, and graying.
  • Venetian Dandro - particularly recommended to men who wish to arrest baldness.
  • Elizabeth Arden’s Henna Shampoo Powders - frees the scalp of impurities.
  • Camomile Shampoo Powder - for blondes, brings out the golden lights and makes the hair alert and fluffy.
  • Graduated Henna- gives rich auburn tints to the hair.
  • Special Tunisian Henna - for changing graying hair to its natural color.
  • Savon Kennot - makes the teeth white as pearls, strengthens the e gums, prevents and checks pyorrhea. Known amongst the smart set as “The Smoker’s Dentifrice”. because it removed the odor of tobacco. In cakes or in tubes.
  • Venetian Adona Cream - develops neck and bust, increasing size and firmness, corrects flabby condition of the neck.
  • Ardena Special Reducing Lotion- is applied with a rotary movement on parts to be reduced.
  • Venetian Electra Eradicator- removes hair from the face.
  • Snowdrift Talcum - fine smooth, pure, and delicately perfumed.
  • Amirad Reducing Soap- for reducing double chin, thick ankles, wrists and hands.
  • Venetian Acne Lotion- antiseptic and healing, frees the skin from pimples.
  • Elizabeth Arden Beauty Boxes - two sizes, filled with cosmetic specialties, prices six guineas and twenty-two and six pence, respectively.
  • Venetian Waterproof Cream -This is a finishing and protective liquid powder cream to be smoothed on the skin under powder to give it a natural lasting bloom even after swimming and other sports, to protect skin from sunburn and freckles. A superb foundation for evening makeup..
  • Venetian Bleachine Cream is a mild bleach and a soothing, emollient cream in one . If your skin needs a slight restorative, this preparation is superb.
  • Venetian Poudre de Soir- Superfine powder, for evening use, of eggshell tint, and brilliant under artificial light. In a round, flowered French box.
  • Venetian Milk of Almonds - A rich, nourishing preparation, for soothing the skin, creamy and fragrant made from fresh almonds.
  • Venetian Velva Bath- A cream soap in big chubby tube. Fine oil and other cleansing and cosmetic ingredients make this a wonderful preparation for the bath and for the hands
  • Venetian Velva Liquid -A fragrant lotion with delicate oils which soothe and refine the skin Delightful to pat on the skin after the bath cooling and refreshing. An excellent lotion for the hands
  • Venetian Carino Compact - A polished bin eminently filled for an engraved monogram Inside tho box aro a useful puff mirror and tablet powder or rouge.
  • Ardena Velva Bath Mitt .This is made of Drisk cloth and is stuffed with a fragrant paste that lathers richly in all kinds of water.
c1920s. photo by ebay seller icantiques

Great set of vintage beauty preparations by Elizabeth Arden in a pink metal presentation box.

Products include:
  • Venetian Skin Tonic Astringent, in a tall bottle with a ribbon and cork stopper
  • Ardena Velva Cream, in a small, round screwtop jar with purple ribbon
  • Venetian Pore Cream in a small, round screwtop jar with purple ribbon
  • Ardena Cleansing Cream, in a small, round screwtop jar with purple ribbon
  • Small vial labeled: Muscle Oil, 
  • Small vial labeled: Lille Lotion
  • Small vial labeled: Rose Color.
  • All the items come in a metal box painted pink inside and out.

A 1928 newspaper ad reads:
"ELIZABETH ARDEN'S VENETIAN DUSTING POWDER, a delightful luxury a smooth fine powder pure soft and lightly per A large box gaily flowered with a big puff."

Here are some of the items I own.

"Where business and beauty meet there surely is Elizabeth Arden. This world-famous woman's beauty preparations are found wherever beautiful and soignee women gather, all the outcome of the foresight of a woman who was able to foresee that the world was turning back to an era when loveliness and efficiency step out together.
 Miss Leila Jackson, of New York, is at Brownells' until Saturday and is anxious to help those women who desire it to become radiant, healthy-skinned beings with the aid of preparations from the laboratories of Elizabeth Arden in the principal cities of England, America, France and Germany. 
None of those blemishes of skin, or aids to greater perfection of complexion has been forgotten. There are delightfully easy ways for smoothing away the wrinkles from brow, eyes and chin. There is a soap which rubs away fat. There is a simple method for removing superfluous hair.. There are books of records to teach you to exercise away flesh und to build up flabby muscles. There is a preparation which will positively remove moth patches, tan, and diminish freckles. There is an eye lotion the formulae of which was bought from a famous eye specialist fur those badly treated and most delicate or organs. There are baths for the hand. There are powders, perfumes, and soaps of the most bewitching variety, and all blended with the most carefully chosen ingredients. Then there are the most attractively boxed week-end and month supplies. 
"It is hard to choose the most fascinating of the many departments of Miss Arden's factories. Perhaps the most interesting, though," said Miss Jackson, "is the big open-air room where hundreds of women who have become expert, move with the clean precision of machines, in the tying of the silken bows around the beautifully-wrapped boxes and Jars. In other rooms one sees the molds of sweet smelling, colored balms, being carefully concocted by white-coated chemists. 
The various strongholds of the Arden Venetian Toilet -Preparations are found everywhere, but the most Important ones in the large cities are imposing affairs, and each charmingly in keeping with the city in which it has its important niche; Old Bond Street. London, the mellowed Georgian brick affair, with the crests of many royal houses above its dignified front. In New York the entrance is through a graceful Colonial portico. On the Rue de la Paix the attics rear their windows high upon the sky line. Germany is one of the latest countries to have its Arden building, that a country that has tabooed the shingle has embraced the other modern aids to womanly loveliness. 
But science makes its bow In these recipes. It has been thoroughly studied and turned and twisted and viewed from every angle, and then wrapped in the most pleasing :forms to do its duty on dressing tables the world over. 
"There are," says Elizabeth Arden’s booklet, "three fundamental things to keep your skin fair and smooth, to keep the curves of face and neck firm and young. The wonderful treatments given in her famous salons are based on cleansing, nourishing, toning and tightening. If you will do these three things at home, according to Elizabeth Arden's scientific method - faithfully and thoughtfully, morning and night-you, can have the loveliest skin that ever blossomed." 
That is a big premise and a large promise, but it is a premise which has eventuated an and a promise that comes true. "It has been hard to make women realize," said Miss Jackson, "that it is a duty for them to pay these attentions to their skin, and that if they use the two or three creams night and morning, Just for ten minutes each time,' youth will remain."
Chatting with Miss Jackson yesterday she threw several interesting lights on the peculiar needs of Tasmanian women."I have seen the loveliest skins in Hobart," she said, "and as I was told before coming over here, the brightest colors. The texture of the skins is delightful, but owing to the drying winds It must be carefully tended to preserve the beauty seen in the young girls now. This is very simply done, though, by a toilet cream containing a soothing oil. Elizabeth Arden from her study of the climatic conditions In which all races of women live is able to produce her little violet-wrapped jar for this evil. 

From 1933:

From 1926:

From 1927:

From 1928:

Ardena Requisites 1940s-1960s

In the 1940's the Ardena products were still going strong and this 1941 ad below shows some of the same products just in different label designs and packaging.

In 1947, Perfection Cream was added to the Ardena line.

In 1953 this ad showed the new Ardena Invisible Veil Powder Solid Powder Compact, the shades came in seven graduated colors.

In 1960s, cosmetics were available in many shades, including Venetian Sun Tones as shown in this 1966 ad.

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