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Treasures of the Pharaohs

For Christmas 1982, Elizabeth Arden offered her Blue Grass bath line in beautiful porcelain vanity
accessories. These accessories had an exotic theme, Ancient Egypt. The line was dubbed "Treasures of the Pharaohs" and was based on some actual ancient artifacts found in tombs of the pharaohs and nobles.

I have compiled a list of items included in the line:
  • Double headed ibex boat held three shell shaped soaps.
  • Horus the falcon powder jar
  • Frog pomander
  • Cat shaped bath salts trinket box
  • Camel shaped bath salts trinket box
  • Hippo shaped candle holder with lid
  • Dresser tray decorated with lotus motifs
  • Cat shaped pomander
  • Bird pomander
  • Duck shaped soap dish
  • Egyptian sarcophagus shaped dresser jar with bath salts
  • Lotus shaped candle holder with lid.
  • Ibis bird box
  • Lotus decorated jar/lid (four petal top, jagged edges, half circle knob)
  • Lotus decorated small jar/lid candle holder, (four petal top, smooth edges, flower knob)
  • Lotus decorated tall jar for bath crystals, with round stopper, rounded bottom, on 3 leg brass stand
  • Tall vase shaped jar with blue triangle design, with double lotus stopper
  • Small round dish with lotus
  • Queen Nefertari decorative bust on stand
If you have something that is not listed, let me know and I will update the list. Thanks to Pam for helping me update the list.

photo by ruby lane seller GreatVintageStff

Photo from Perfume Bottles Auction

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