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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Bride's Bouquet Perfume Presentation by Elizabeth Arden c1937

Bride's Bouquet by Elizabeth Arden: launched in 1937. This is different than the perfume called Bride's Perfume.

This presentation is made up of five glass bottles, triangular in shape, with a round semi-spherical glass stoppers with a filigree metal dome insert. These bottles were sold as a set and also separately in white and silver boxes. A small millinery bouquet was tied to the stopper corresponding to what scent the bottle held: Orange Blossom, White Orchid, Lily of the Valley, Jasmine and Gardenia. The stopper design was patented in 1937.

Discontinued, date unknown. Still sold in 1940.

Harper's Bazaar - Volume 71, 1937:
"Not solely (or brides, but assembled with them very much in mind, is Elizabeth Arden's salon box of five perfumes, which she calls "Bride's Bouquet."

Art and Industry, Volumes 24-25, 1938:
"...perfumes of the luxurious Bride's Bouquet are in triangular bottles which nest neatly into an appropriately white-and-silver container. ... Elizabeth Arden is always thorough, and a spray of orange blossom crowns a set which would delight the heart of any bride."

Arts & Decoration, Volumes 52-53, 1940:
"If you happen to know a bride who rates something a little something  extra special ss a pre-wedding present you might look into Elizabeth Arden’s bouquet of bridal perfumes. These come as a set of attractive three sided bottles with filigree stoppers tied with miniature bouquets. There are five fragrances - orange blossom, white orchid, lily of the valley, jasmine and gardenia so that the bride may choose her perfume to match her wedding bouquet. Boxed individually these make nice bridesmaids gifts or even Easter presents as well."

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