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Friday, January 30, 2015

Ming by Babani c1919

Ming by Babani: launched in 1919. Subtitled "breath of Old China."

Fragrance Composition:

So what does it smell like? There are no published notes on this composition, but it is described as "very fresh" and "youthful, sparkling, gay and playful", and will give "zest" to your costumes and "enliven" other Babani perfumes, so I would assume that it may be an aldehydic citrus floral fragrance for women. I would need a sample of the perfume to tell you what it really smells like.

  • Top notes: aldehydes, citrus
  • Middle notes: flowers
  • Base notes:

These fragrances lend themselves so well to the European manner of using perfume — of blending perfumes to suit your mood and costume.  Blend two or more Babani perfumes to create a personal perfume formula, a new fragrance which no one can identify or imitate, that will emphasize your interesting complexity, will seem to vary as your charming moods, and yet be essentially you. All Babani perfumes will combine in fragrant harmonies. It was suggested that you can add Ming to other Babani perfumes to "liven" them up.

Arizona Republic, 1924:
"Babani's Ming is delightfully youthful, a fragrance sprightly and gay as spring. But spring is sometimes tinged with chill, and youth today is spiced with sophistication - so Ming sparkles with interest and a hint of depth. Ming should be used with crisp morning things, young ginghams or cunning tailleurs. Ming is young, but wise! $2.75, $6.50."


The earliest editions of Ming were ackaged in five different bottles. The original deluxe bottle was shaped like a Chinese snuff bottle.

Harper's Bazaar, 1922:
"Ming: one of the most favored of Babani Perfumes, sprightly and gay, in a new bottle, appropriately gay in color. It is packed in a black satin box with pipings of red, green and gold. $15. The same perfume comes in other bottles , from $2.75 and up. Other sizes at $6.50, $9, and $9.50"

Later editions from 1938-1940, are clear glass with a more geometric shapes.

Drug & Cosmetic Industry, 1938:
“Ming” is one of the delightful odors of the newly packaged de luxe line of Babani perfumes, which is being introduced by Maurice Babani”

c1938 Ming bottle with crown top. photo by ebay seller izar

The New Yorker, 1941:
"Babani's Mon Amie Elizabeth toilet water, for years a great favorite in France, is now being made in this country, and awaits its public at Saks-Fifth Avenue. Lovers of Oriental scents might at the same time renew their acquaintance with Ming, also by Babani, lovely and light...."

c1940 version. Photo from photobucket

Fate of the Fragrance:

Discontinued, date unknown. Still being sold in 1941.

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