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Friday, August 30, 2013

Le Reve d'Elizabeth by Elizabeth Arden c1927

Le Reve d'Elizabeth by Elizabeth Arden: launched in 1927. This perfume was one of four other signature scents launched that year (La Joie d'Elizabeth, Le Jardin d'Elizabeth, L'Amour d'Elizabeth, L'Etoile d'Elizabeth) and only sold in the Elizabeth Arden salons throughout the world.

Fragrance Composition:

So what does it smell like? It is classified as a heavy oriental fragrance for women. It was described as a warm, heavy, winter scent, good for furs. I have no published notes on this composition. I would need a sample to tell you what it smells like.

  • Top notes:
  • Middle notes:
  • Base notes:

Ladies Home Journal, 1927:
"Mon Amie Elizabeth- the perfect gift of a friend to a friend. L’Amour d’Elizabeth - the glory of love in fragrance. Le Reve d’Elizabeth - the perfume of dreams. La Joie d’Elizabeth - the joyous ardor of love."
Home Journal, 1929:
"La Joie d'Elizabeth/Le Reve d'Elizabeth/Mon Amie Elizabeth / L'Amour d'Elizabeth These four perfumes — creations of Elizabeth Arden — are being introduced in Elizabeth Arden Salons throughout the world."
The Amarillo Globe Times, 1929:
"Le Reve d'Elizabeth -  a perfume of quiet breeding and distinction - which may be used with particular success on furs. "

 Vassar Miscellany News, 1934:
"LUCKEY'S PERFUME BAR ATTRACTS Many each day to its distinctive display of Elizabeth Arden Perfumes. We have these choice preparations: Le Reve D'Elizabeth —an elusive odor of dream-like charm: perfect for furs. La Joie D'Elizabeth —Happiness captured in fragrance L'Elan D'Elizabeth —Rich, warm and irresistible. Tuberose —The true odor of the flower itself. These fragrances are reserved for those who are sensitive to perfection in perfumes. They are priced at $1.00 a dram."


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Fate of the Fragrance:

Discontinued, date unknown. Still being sold in the 1940s.

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